TESCH Riesling

2022 ST. REMIGIUSBERG | Tesch Riesling trocken

“In seinem Kern ist er rund und reif, aber dank der sehr rassigen und spitzen Säure wirkt er wie eine Olive am Spieß. Der Abgang ist wie Meeresgischt, die einem vom Wind ins Gesicht geblasen wird. So viel Blutorange, Granatapfel und auch ein Hauch von frischem Chili.”
95 | S. Pigott | www.jamessuckling.com

“Der St. Remigiusberg ist in diesem Stadium etwas leichter und eleganter als der Königsschild und hat intensivere Zitrusaromen. 11,5% Alkohol.”
92+/A | C. Kolm | TheFineWineReview

“Eine Flasche, mit ihrem orangefarbenen Etikett, wiegt lediglich 1.154g. Angebaut auf verwittertem vulkanischem Gestein und eisenreichem Ton. Intensive Nase und ausgeprägte Säure, großartige Elemente für die Zukunft. Knochen-trockener, prickelnder Abgang. Hier steckt jede Menge Leben drin! Trinkreife von 2023 bis 2029.”
16.5/20 | J. Robinson | www.jancisrobinson.com

2021 ST. REMIGIUSBERG | Tesch Riesling trocken

“The 2021 Riesling St. Remigiusberg is clear, refined and deep on the pure and complex, very elegant and intense nose. Full-bodied, intense and mineral on the palate, this is a firm, tight, fresh (racy) and structured, pure and saline Riesling that is still a bit unmoderated and needs some years of bottle age to refine. 12.5% stated alcohol.” 93 | S. Reinhardt | www.robertparker.com

“Willkommen in diesem Mandarinentraum, der wie ein Schwarm Ballons über dem Gaumen schwebt. Hinter all den Zitrusfrüchten verbirgt sich ein Fjord aus Steinfrüchten, und wenn man erst einmal hineingefallen ist, zieht einen ein eindringlicher Hauch von Rauch immer tiefer in den Schotterabgrund dieses erstaunlichen trockenen Rieslings. Große Brillanz im sehr langen Abgang.” 95 | S. Pigott | www.jamessuckling.com

“Der Remigiusberg ist der kleinste Weinberg von Tesch. Obwohl er nicht so reichhaltig ist wie der Karthäuser, ist dieser Wein komplexer als die anderen Weine, und dennoch hat er eine edle Strenge in seiner Textur. Der Wein ist mineralisch und durchdringend mit viel Spannung, Energie und Tiefe. Die mineralische, zitrische Frucht hat einen leicht erdigen Unterton, der den Wein auszeichnet. Der Wein hat auch eine ausgezeichnete Säurestruktur. Schraubverschluss. 12,5% Alkohol.” 93+/A | C. Kolm | TheFineWineReview

“Flasche inklusive Schraubverschluss nur 1.163 g. Gewachsen auf vulkanischem Verwitterungsboden und von Tesch als “tief und elegant” und mit einer gewissen “Seidigkeit” beschrieben. Geringer Ertrag. Wirklich faszinierende, unwiderstehliche Nase. Wunderbarer Auftrieb und limonenartige Säure. Wirklich spannend und rassig. Schon jetzt wunderbar erfrischend, mit großer Ausgewogenheit und Harmonie. Lange Anhaltend. 12,5% | Trinkzeit 2022 – 2030” 17/20 | J. Robinson | www.jancisrobinson.com

2020 ST. REMIGIUSBERG | Tesch Riesling trocken

Tesch’s 2020 Riesling St. Remigiusberg opens pure, refined and flinty on the complex but delicate and elegant nose. Full-bodied but pure, fresh, transparent and persistently salty on the palate, this is a finely juicy and finessed Remigiusberg with a long, piquant and salty finish. Great finesse and elegance here and at a reliably high level. 12.5% alcohol.
94 | robertparker.com – The Wine Advocate – Stephan Reinhardt

Stunning nectarine nose with delicate floral touches. Excellent concentration, but every bit as much energy. Bold blood-orange and wild-herb finish that knocks you back in your chair in a really exciting way. Drink or hold. Screw cap.
95 | jamessuckling.com – Stuart Pigott

Tesch’s smallest single vineyard, this wine is round and sensual with citric fruit, finesse, and purity. It is at the same time juicy and elegant.
94/A | TheFineWineReview – Claude Kolm

Really nervy on the nose. Very marked acidity and youth. Not nearly ready and taut like a coiled spring but with lots of elements set to bind together and be rather beguiling, albeit in a more delicate style than most of its 2020 stablemates. Quite long.
16.5+ | jancisrobinson.com – Jancis Robinson MW

2019 ST. REMIGIUSBERG | Tesch Riesling trocken

From volcanic soils, the 2019 Riesling St. Remigiusberg is clear, pure, fresh and smoky/flinty on the warm and coolish, delicate and fruity nose. Rich, intense, very elegant, finessed and vibrantly piquant on the palate, this is a linear, refined and tensioned Riesling with enormous grip and mineral tension on the tight and stimulatingly salty finish. This 2019 is Tesch in perfection. Highly recommended, but be patient: this wine needs several years to reach its peak. Tasted as a sample in May and from the bottle in June 2020.
94 | robertparker.com – The Wine Advocate – Stephan Reinhardt

Just a tad funky on the nose, but behind that thin screen is a cornucopia of fruit (mostly mandarin and nectarine) and on the palate, there’s no doubt about the ravishing texture that caresses your palate. Drink or hold.
95 | jamessuckling.com – Stuart Pigott

Lightly smoky and quite immediate on the nose with real lift – gets the saliva flowing. Pretty low-key, dry, rather sudden finish. Reminds me of some Austrian dry Rieslings somehow.
16.5 pts. | jancisrobinson.com – Jancis Robinson MW

2018 ST. REMIGIUSBERG | Tesch Riesling trocken

Tesch’s 2018 St. Remigiusberg Riesling Trocken opens very clear, fresh and pure, with white fruit and mineral notes representing the terroir on weathered volcanic rocks and iron-rich clay soils. Full bodied yet lean and tensioned on the palate, this is a powerful but elegant, tightly woven, crystalline and herbal-flavored Riesling with precisely defined white fruit and remarkable mineral freshness and vitality. This once again is the top wine of the vintage—not only chez Tesch but also in the regional context. Tasted from AP 13 19 in August 2019. | Drinking Date 2019-2030.
93 | robertparker.com – The Wine Advocate – Stephan Reinhardt

Last, from weathered volcanic soils, the Laubenheimer St. Remigiusberg is light in the mouth with a silk texture, good acidity, finesse, and minerality that needs a bit more time to fully express itself. Last digits of A.P. Nr.: 13 19. 12.5% stated alcohol.
92(+)/A | THE FINE WINE REVIEW – Claude Kolm

The orange one. From a vineyard next to the Karthäuser on weathered volcanic rock and iron-rich clay. Low yields and high extract. Lime syrup – but bone dry and particularly nervy and racy. This is irresistible. Such fine balance and an undertow of dangerous pungency. Drink now or hold. Perhaps my favourite of the bunch – but they are all extremely worthwhile. 12.5% | Drink 2019 – 2029.
17 pts.| jancisrobinson.com – Jancis Robinson MW

2017 ST. REMIGIUSBERG | Tesch Riesling trocken

From a small vineyard adjacent to the Karthäuser on weathered volcanic rocks and iron-rich clay, the citrus-yellow colored 2017 St. Remigiusberg Riesling Trocken opens with a deep, ripe and intense yet remarkably refined and subtle yet complex bouquet with spicy and flinty as well as yeasty notes framing the ripe and elegant Riesling aromas. Lush yet linear, fine and very elegant on the palate, this is an intense and tight, very tensioned and sustainable dry Riesling with a long, dry and promising finish. Still a bit austere, this persistently salty wine will age very well and become more and more fine. Tasted at the domaine and at home in July and August 2019 (AP 09 18). | Drinking Date 2023-2040.
93 | robertparker.com – The Wine Advocate – Stephan Reinhardt

An elegant bone-dry version, with a vibrant, minerally core and flavors of crisp green apple, dried apricot and ruby grapefruit. The long finish is filled with flint and sea salt accents, with some white pepper notes lingering. Savory.
92/100 | Wine-Spectator

Bright tangerine and white-blossom aromas abound in this fresh and fruity, yet impressive dry wine. White-grapefruit and lime flavors are concentrated and pleasantly puckering on the palate, offset by a silky rippling mouthfeel and crisp mineral tones. It is an elegant, substantial wine.
93/100 | Wine-Enthusiast

Here is a great dry white with just 12.5 per cent alcohol, which is rare in the age of climate change. Fine apricots, sleek yet concentrated with a very elegant balance of charm and depth. Really long, filigree finish. Drink or hold. Screw cap.
95 | jamessuckling.com – Stuart Pigott

Small vineyard next to the Karthäuser with weathered volcanic rock and iron-rich clay. Very persuasive and ‚warm‘ on the nose. Real richness on the palate but overlaid with that fine acidity of 2017. Sleek, round fruit that’s very polished and already approachable with some redcurrant fruit. Drink: 2018-2023.
16.5 pts. | jancisrobinson.com – Jancis Robinson MW

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