TESCH Riesling

2022 UNPLUGGED | Tesch Riesling trocken

“Die dritte Dekade des ehemaligen Kabinett trocken von Tesch beginnt mit dem 2022 Riesling Unplugged, der sich mit einer intensiven, komplexen, mineralischen Nase mit reifen, aromatischen Früchten öffnet. Der trockene Riesling mit mittlerem Körper ist rein, straff, anregend und transparent sowie salzig im Abgang. Er ist dichter und komplexer als der 2022er Tesch Riesling T trocken, aber nicht unbedingt attraktiver. Er ist stringenter und hat größeres Reifepotential, sicher. Doch seine wahre Klasse wird sich erst nach einigen Jahren Flaschenreife zeigen. 12% Alkohol. Stelvin-Schraubverschluss. Verkostung im Oktober 2023.” 90+ | S. Reinhardt | www.robertparker.com

“Eine Nase von aromatischen alten Apfelsorten mit einem Hauch von Limettenschale. So viel Kraft und so viel Energie für nur 11,5% Alkohol. Schlank und sehr hell mit einer wunderbaren Limettenfrische. Der salzige Abgang holt Sie zurück für mehr.” 92 | S. Pigott | www.jamessuckling.com

“Wie immer hat der Riesling Unplugged eine erfrischende, lebendige Säure. In der Nase hat der Wein blumige Noten. Am Gaumen ist er mittelschwer, mit einer ausgezeichneten Salzigkeit, die mit der beginnenden Pfirsichfrucht harmoniert. Dieser Wein ist ein perfekter Einstieg in das Sortiment des Weinguts und kann sofort getrunken werden. Schraubverschluss. 11,5% Alkohol.” 91/A- | C. Kolm | TheFineWineReview

2021 UNPLUGGED | Tesch Riesling trocken

“The 2021 Riesling Unplugged offers a deep, pure and substantial nose with remarkable complexity and stony expression. Lush and round on the palate, this is an intense, saline and balanced dry Riesling with good phenol grip and fine citrus fruit bitters. The 2021 is seriously structured and shows intense and juicy fruit with stimulating grip. This is an excellent Riesling and surely one of the finest in its 21 years of existence. 12.5% stated alcohol.” 92 | S. Reinhardt | www.robertparker.com

“Dieser trockene Riesling verbindet altdeutsche Ernsthaftigkeit mit jugendlich-fröhlicher Energie. Umwerfende mineralische Frische am sehr konzentrierten Gaumen, aber auch ein Hauch von Verspieltheit, der Lust auf mehr von dem ernsten Zeug macht und die Hand zurück zum Glas zieht. Knochentrockener und äußerst lebendiger Abgang.” 92 | S. Pigott | www.jamessuckling.com

“Dies ist Teschs “Einstiegs-Riesling”, aber ein sehr ernsthafter. Der Wein hat blumige Aromen und Geschmacksnoten. Leicht am Gaumen mit einer feinen Kalkmineralität, Salzigkeit und einem lebendigen Säure. Er ist vielleicht der trockenste der Reihe – absichtlich, denn er soll jung getrunken werden, während die anderen erst nach einigen Jahren Reife ihr volles Potential entfalten und daher etwas mehr Restzucker haben. Schraubverschluss. 12,5% Alkohol.” 93/A | C. Kolm | TheFineWineReview

2020 UNPLUGGED | Tesch Riesling trocken

The 2020 Riesling Unplugged opens very discreet yet clear and fresh on the nose. On the palate, this is a vibrantly fresh, dry, round, intense and piquant, straightforward Riesling with stimulating grip on the fresh and citric finish. 12.5% alcohol.
90 | robertparker.com – The Wine Advocate – Stephan Reinhardt

The focus of a laser beam and the brilliance of a soaring guitar solo make this a remarkable dry riesling for this category. Wonderful lemon-blossom and lemon-cream aromas, plus a stunning harmony of ripeness of crisp, mineral acidity. Drink or hold. Screw cap.
93 | jamessuckling.com – Stuart Pigott

2020 marks the 20th vintage of Unplugged for Tesch, and the first time it is made entirely from old vines. The nose here is mineral and citric. The body is round, pure, and medium-light with penetrating clarity to the citric and apple, fruit. The wine has depth, penetration, and is electric. Screw cap closure. 12.5% stated alcohol.
92/A | TheFineWineReview – Claude Kolm

2019 UNPLUGGED | Tesch Riesling trocken

Tesch’s 2019 Riesling Unplugged is pure and intense on the excitingly precise and concentrated yet earthy nose that reveals perfectly ripe stone fruit aromas but in a very discreet way. Lean, fresh and elegant on the palate, the medium-bodied 2019 Unplugged shows remarkable extract and is juicy, piquant and structured, revealing finesse and a very good finish with stimulating mineral acidity and phenolic grip. This is an excellent dry Riesling from the Nahe, and it has rarely ben that good. Tasted as a sample in May 2020.
91 | robertparker.com – The Wine Advocate – Stephan Reinhardt

Let’s face it, most of life is everyday and this super straight and pure dry riesling is a super choice for those days. Did I say fish, seafood, salad? Those are just some of the situations in which the great, spring-like freshness of this wine will shine. Drink now. Screw cap.
92 | jamessuckling.com – Stuart Pigott

Light, floral nose and bone-dry finish with some crystalline acidity in between. This strikes me as perfect for the German palate but perhaps just a little too austere for the average Brit at the moment.
16 pts. | jancisrobinson.com – Jancis Robinson MW

2018 UNPLUGGED | Tesch Riesling trocken

Martin Tesch calls his 2018 Riesling Unplugged “the star of the vintage,” and he’s does so with good reasons and even more enthusiasm. The 2018 is one of his best Unpluggeds, along with 2015 and also 2017. Bottled with 12% alcohol, this is a winner from an exceptionally warm and dry vintage. New canopy management (higher leaf walls for more shadow between the rows) brings back the Nordic character of the Unplugged that opens with a pure, straight and refreshing nose of white fruits and lemon aromas. On the palate, this is a light and refreshing but structured and even tensioned dry Riesling with mouthwatering phenolic grip on the stimulating and persistent finish. This wine is clear, linear and elegant as always, with no ornaments, no fat, no palatable sweetness and no compromise. The 2018 Unplugged is a terrific Bauhaus Riesling that seems to celebrate the 100th birthday of the art movement that is as vital as this iconic Nahe wine from Martin Tesch. Yes, a star of the vintage, Dr. Tesch! Tasted in August 2019. | Drinking Date 2019-2030.
90 | robertparker.com – The Wine Advocate – Stephan Reinhardt

Unplugged refers to musicians playing without electric amplification so that the listener gets the most pure version. It is Tesch’s basic Riesling and a very, very good one. You’d never guess that this wine was a from a vintage often characterized by its heat and resulting wines of high alcohol and low acidity. The wine is light as a feather with precise peach skin aromas and flavors, and overall freshness. Outstanding balance and intensity. 12.0% stated alcohol. Last digits of A.P. Nr.: 08 19.
91/A- | THE FINE WINE REVIEW – Claude Kolm

This may be the entry-level wine but what an array of aromas! It’s like a glorious bouquet of wild flowers. Dry enough to drink with or without food, this is neither austere nor excessively fruity. A certain sudden chalkiness on the end marks it out as perhaps not the most glorious of Martin Tesch’s 2018 Rieslings but this wine is a true delight. VGV at under €10 in Germany. Please let us have it in the UK! 12% | Drink 2019 – 2021.
16 pts. | jancisrobinson.com – Jancis Robinson MW

2017 UNPLUGGED | Tesch Riesling trocken

The straw-yellow colored 2017 Riesling Unplugged is dry, clear, bright and aromatic on the fresh and slightly greenish shimmering nose. Pure and fresh on the palate, this is a full-bodied classic, racy and bone-dry Riesling that reveals a first maturity. The wine is lean and straight as well as tight and gripping, and it’s provided with good length and tension—a Nordic classic from a warm year. Tasted from AP 10 18 in July 2019. | Drinking Date 2019 -2027.
89 | robertparker.com – The Wine Advocate – Stephan Reinhardt

Tons of apple, lemon and gooseberry here. Sleek and very crisp, this youthful dry riesling screams out for seafood. Drink or hold. Screw cap.
90 | jamessuckling.com – Stuart Pigott

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